About Us

Kazitravels.com as Known as Kazi Travels & Tours was established in 1997 by Kazi A. K Azad (Milon). The Company’ success has been built on the philosophy of always giving the Client the best possible personalized service. This philosophy remains the driving force behind Kazitravels.com today. The Company has grown to serving a broad base of corporate Clients as well as much long standing leisure Clients.

The main focus of the business has been to offer corporate Clients a comprehensive and cost effective travel capability, Delivered with excellent service, something that is often difficult to come by in this very competitive industry.

Critical to the Company’s success in this area is the commitment to getting to know each Client and their particular requirements, to enable the most cost-effective arrangements to be made for each travel event. With regards leisure Clients, the Company prides itself on giving the Client the valued added extras to make their experience one of a lifetime. This is the sort of advice that can only come from many years of personal experience in all aspects of the travel process.

The Company believes in the importance of personal travel experience in order to best assist Clients both corporate and leisure. Clients will normally be able to talk to someone who has actually visited their intended destination. This is another advantage of the wealth of experience at Kazitravels.com and The Kazi Rich Overseas RL. 1333.